The Singlestick – A Distinctive Sort of Classical Fencing

The singlestick is a fencing weapon unique to the classical fencing interval and to fencing in the United Kingdom and the United States. It is also abnormal in that 3 quite unique sorts of singlestick participate in advanced to satisfy the desires of 3 quite distinctive teams of fencers.

The singlestick itself consisted of an around 3 foot extended stick, generally ash, of around 1 inch in diameter. The player’s hand was secured by a strong guard, possibly as a woven basket or of leather. The resulting weapon approximately approximated the pounds of an infantry sword or a naval cutlass and was able of providing a considerable blow.

The oldest type of Singlestick participate in that survived into the 1900s was the English village recreation variation, which applied a hanging guard with the gamesters positioned at around blade length apart. Contestants did not dress in protecting clothing. Relying on the customary practices in the county, the non-weapon arm was permitted to be elevated even though keeping on to a belt, possibly at the waist or passed by way of the legs, to shield one aspect of the entire body. The simple tactical premise was to defeat at the opponent’s torso and arms till agony and tiredness pressured him to decreased his guard. Then a blow to the entrance of the scalp could lead to a “damaged head,” a measure of one inch of blood flowing from a laceration that described victory. In numerous techniques this type of swordplay appears to have been quite very similar to the German tutorial (university student) dueling in the mensur with the schlaeger.

A second type of singlestick participate in was its use by navies as a education resource for the cutlass, nonetheless viewed as a practical weapon to repel boarders as late as the get started of Globe War II. This might get started as early as the early 1800s, and ongoing well into the 1900s. In this use the singlestick was a drill weapon, a safer choice to utilizing sharp cutlasses for education. There is sufficient photographic proof of this use.

A third type advanced with the improvement of activity fencing as a type of saber, with the full entire body as focus on and the strike remaining awarded to the fencer who landed very first. Likely the greatest recognized sets of principles for this had been the Calpe, Armed forces Tournament, and German Gymnasium principles. Conventional fencing footwork and bladework was applied, with the exception that the point thrust was not permitted for basic safety. Protective gear worn assorted, but integrated a mask very similar to the fencing mask, a stout leather jacket, a leather apron, and a entrance leg guard on the buy of a cricket pad. Supplied that sabre of the working day was susceptible to lusty hitting with a lighter weapon, singlestick was not for the faint hearted.

Sport singlestick created a solitary overall look at the 1904 St. Louis Olympic Games, and was fenced in the Armed forces Tournament for a selection of decades. Nonetheless, as fencing grew to become a faster activity that demanded a lighter hand, singlestick did not make the changeover, and faded from the competitive scene. Village singlestick might have ongoing as late as the get started of Globe War II. Right now, a couple of lovers keep on to participate in with singlesticks, but the likely for personal injury and legal responsibility issues relegate the sticks to a matter of examine for classical fencers, fairly than a competitive activity.

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