The Ideal Sport Horse Breed – The BWP

The Belgian Warmblood or BWP has achieved legendary status in the equine sport planet in a extremely quick period of time. Up right up until the 1950’s it was illegal in Belgium to breed light excess weight horses as the govt wished to concentrate on the purity of its famous Brabant bloodlines. The BWP was born in 1953 after the Minister of Agriculture gave his approval and a demanding breeding programme involving imported mares and stallions from all in excess of Europe commenced.

The outcome was a really productive sport horse of strong conformation and sturdy well being. The BWP has a compact, very well built human body with wide hindquarters and powerful hind legs. The normal height of the BWP is sixteen to seventeen hh and the breed has verified its truly worth in several distinct disciplines these types of as dressage and exhibit jumping.

The breeding programme is strictly regulated and only horses that tumble under the stringent demands of the breed are authorized to be bred. This has resulted in a powerful bloodline that boasts the likes of Major Ben, Darco and Sapphire.

At the age of three or 4 BWP stallions are subjected to a “Hengstenkeuring” (stallion evaluation examination) which will involve an inspection of the horses’ affirmation and free jumping skill. The horse also undergoes a veterinary evaluation and ultimately the horse is evaluated under the saddle. Horses that do not go this examination are not qualified for breeding. Mares are also evaluated but are not demanded to undertake an evaluation under the saddle.

The objective of the BWP registry is to create horses that are easy to trip, that have pleasurable personalities and can be made use of as using horses as very well as for participation in intercontinental sports activities. Overall health and affirmation are crucial features of the breed.

The BWP arrives in a broad assortment of colors these types of as chestnut, grey, black, bay and brown with a couple of pintos.

The BWP has verified alone to be a really productive dressage horse, exhibit jumper and all round sport horse and the breed has attained around the world popularity due to its flexibility and excellent well being. It is a pressure to be reckoned with in just about all the equestrian disciplines.

The flexibility of the Belgian Warmblood has enabled the breed to grow to be just one of the world’s most productive and sought after sport horse breeds in a extremely quick period of time. The BWP has taken the equestrian planet by storm in almost every discipline and the future is extremely vivid for the breed.

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