Chinlone, Burma’s Most Popular Sport

Tock, tock, tock absolutely everyone who has been to or is living in Burma is aware this hollow clicking sound attribute for a modest ball when kicked in what is arguably Burma’s most preferred ball video game and performed here considering the fact that one.500 yrs: Chinlone. It is performed with a ball that has a diameter of about six inches/14 centimetres and 12 pentagonal holes.

Wein-kat is the group model of chinlone and the solo model performed by ladies only is referred to as tapandaing. Chinlone, which suggests cane ball in Burmese, is performed with just that: a woven cane/rattan ball, and has its roots in tzu chu also referred to as cuju an ancient Chinese video game.

A group of 6 players passes the mild wicker ball again and forth among them with their toes, knees, shoulders and heads as they shift about a circle. A single participant goes into the centre to take the solo part, producing a dance of many moves strung seamless collectively. The soloist is supported by the other players who consider to go the ball again to him with just one kick. There also has to be a higher degree of harmony amongst the participant in get to stay clear of that they impede every other. When the ball drops to the ground it is useless and the video game has to get started once again.

It is a football video game performed all over the entire world varying only marginally. In Singapore and Indonesia related games are referred to as sipa, in Thailand takraw, in Malaysia sepak raga, in Vietnam da cau, in Laos kator and in Japan kemari South American stylistic relations are batey and pok-ta-pok, just to give you a few illustrations.

It is performed by younger and outdated, predominantly men but also ladies at pretty much any time and just about everywhere in the place. It is a sport of harmony and unity and integral part of all pagoda festivals. Every single year in Tabodwe (February) when the Mahamuni Pagoda Pageant in Mandalay is celebrated hundreds of chinlone groups from all over the place meet up with here at their premier pageant to execute chinlone at its very best.

Mainly any surface area that is dry and flat is acceptable for chinlone but the most excellent just one is a circle with 22 toes/ metres diameter created of dry and remarkably compressed earth. This gives a hard still elastic and comfortable chinlone court.

At the pagoda pageant in Mandalay conventional Burmese Orchestras’ dwell audio is ‘setting the tone’ for both equally the players style and rhythm although moderators entertain the onlookers with amusing remarks and call out the names of the chinlone players’ moves. These moves and techniques of kicking the rattan ball – some 200 of these moves have produced over time – are a combination of movements of Burmese dance and martial art very a significant variety of them being downright creative. The most tough of them are executed driving the player’s again in which he are not able to see the ball he has to kick. To master these kicks requires quite a few hrs of hard coaching.

Specific performance of chinlone kicks and suitable body postures are all-critical. To just about every shift is a plainly defined suitable way to posture the higher body, head, fingers, arms and legs and suitable enjoy enables 6 details of get hold of of the body with the ball, namely the ‘chay pya’ (tip of the toes), the ‘chay myet’ and ‘chay pha myet’ (outer and internal sides of the toes), the ‘chay pha naunt’ (heels), the ‘chay phawa’ (soles) and the ‘du’ (knees). However, to cease the higher-flying ball and position it on the foot also the ‘pakon’ (shoulders), the ‘mai ci’ (chin) and the ‘yin bat’ (upper body) are employed.

Chinlone being a fundamentally non-competitive ball video game is performed in just just one group, is remarkably demanding and requires fullest concentration on part of every of the players. They should with and without having actively playing the ball stay very centered all over the video game a point out of intellect referred to as jhana. Right here it is not about winning over or getting rid of to a competing group but about grace and aesthetics. The objective of the video game is to maintain the cane ball in the air by passing it with just one exquisite kick from just one participant to the other in just a group of 6 players that is positioned in a ring. So, a chinlone video game is judged by the style and grace in which a group is undertaking.

There is also a competitive relative of chinlone that is performed by two opposing groups over a internet. This video game is referred to as sepak takraw and it originated in Malaysia in which it was produced in the 1940s. But in Burma this video game of immediate level of competition in which just one group wins and the other loses is not as preferred as chinlone.

Chinlone or related games are performed in numerous countries but I believe it is no exaggeration to say that there is hardly any place in which a degree of amazing actively playing capabilities like that in Burma is achieved.

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